Zero Touch Invoice Coding and Payables

Scrypt AI provides the most accurate and cost-effective way to automate AP, with unprecedented scale and extensibility

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Cognitive Automation for AP​

Scrypt AI delivers transformative impact using Cognitive Automation and Machine Learning to streamline business processes.​

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Treasury Management as a Service​

2020 served as a catalyst for AI adoption - now is the time to shift from a reliance on people and manual activities to automated optimization and machine learning

Integrated Payables

Machine learning and artificial intelligence-driven end-to-end AP platform

Integrated Receivables

Machine learning and artificial intelligence-driven end-to-end AR platform

Artificial Intelligence enhances the speed, precision and effectiveness of human efforts.
Scrypt AI enhances your business operations.

Intelligent Coding

No up-front annotations, templating, or configurations are needed, as the system learns from historical data and ongoing extracts

Real-time Analytics

Improve service delivery, catch duplicate or missed payments, mitigate fraud, all through one unified system

Turnkey API Integrations

Reduce manual processes, errors and omissions through direct integrations with your business system of records, ERPs, CRMs, and eSign solutions

Data-driven Automation

Core machine learning and AI engine to process documents and extract information automatically, serving as a platform for machine-to-machine integration

Multi-language, Currency

Automated document processing and text extraction, across multiple languages and currencies, to correctly handle global requirements

Easy-to-use interface

Day 1 effectiveness, leveraging Scrypt AI's modern and intuitive browser-based UI

LeveragE Cognitive Automation

Forward-leaning firms are constantly seeking new technologies, methods and processes that can improve efficiency and increase productivity. Cognitive Automation, utilizing machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, fueled by massive amounts of data (big data), can be effectively applied to execute tasks and perform adaptive decisions.

Embrace Digital Transformation

Businesses can achieve true digital transformation and expense savings by streamlining invoicing, receivables and payments. These performance-enhancing capabilities, coupled with advanced analytics, reduce paper workloads and manual processes, while mitigating errors, omissions and fraudulent activity. 

Adopt AI Data Capture

AI Data Capture can enable high-volume, high-accuracy document processing. Coupled with direct integration to business systems of records, ERPs, CRMs, and eSign solutions, full automatic accounting and reconciliation of accounts can be achieved.

Invoice Coding by Scrypt AI

Integrated Payables for Straight-Through Processing

Scrypt AI is an integrated end-to-end platform for account payables, utilizing proven machine learning  to digitally transform enterprises

Transform your enterprise with AI and Machine Learning

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Join our customers who have already processed thousands of invoices worth over $1B

Save more on AP

Shift from a reliance on people and manual processes to achieve significant cost savings

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    Case Studies

    Scrypt AI is used by leading global real estate, financial services and insurance firms to achieve high-volume, high-accuracy invoice coding

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    Scrypt AI is built on an industry leading technology stack, leveraging big data and machine learning for zero touch AP processing

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    Scrypt AI is a comprehensive, end-to-end AP solution with advanced capabilities spanning invoice coding, payments and accounting

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    Advanced Analytics Across the Invoice-Processing Cycle

    Scrypt AI not only shortens the invoice-processing cycle, it allows you to capture early-payment discounts, mitigate fraud, avoid late payments, and remove invoice exceptions and human errors and omissions

    Leverage actionable intelligence to achieve success

    High-volume, High-accuracy AI Data Capture

    Scrypt AI utilizes advanced algorithms to transform to transform invoices, receipts, checks and other unstructured documents into validated structured data

    Capture, extract, validate, and reconcile transactions

    Tap into the value of cognitive automation to streamline your business

    Scrypt AI Empowers Enterprise Financial Operations

    Scrypt AI has a proven track record of solving real customer needs. Let us find and solve your business operations pain points.


    Inefficient AP processes slow down business. CFOs, CAOs, AP Managers and AP Specialists all work hard to ensure accurate invoice processing, but as business grows, so does the volume of invoices. Scrypt AI high-volume, high-accuracy AP platform can transform your AP department from a cost center to a profit center.


    Compliance and Risk Officers understand the importane of continuously monitoring financial operations, to ensure regulatory requirements are met while reducing risk and detecting fraud. Scrypt AI financial automation platform provides an end-to-end digital solution with analytical audit trails and fraud detection capabilities for tighter control.


    Through an integrated payables and accounting platform, Purchasing Managers and Procurement Officers can better identify and anticipate business requirements and evaluate potential suppliers and quotes. Scrypt AI delivers advanced analytics for full decision support to measure and manage supplier performance.

    Technology & Operations

    CIOs and COOs must deploy cost-effective and modern operational systems that have performance-enhancing capabilities. Scrypt AI is built as a scalable, extensible data-driven platform that integrates with existing systems for day 1 effectiveness.

    digitally transform your business processes

    Let us understand your business requirements around AP automation and systems integration.

    Scrypt AI will work with your team to implement an end-to-end intelligent automation solution that integrates with your firm's existing systems of records and eSign solutions and supports your custom accounting process.

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