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"Automation has simplified our accounts payable process resulting in significant expense savings. Our AP process is now more efficient, secure and reliable.
AP Automation for Real Estate
Real Estate
Chief Accounting Officer

Real Estate Invoice Coding

Learn how Scrypt AI is being used by global Real Estate Operating Companies (REOCs).

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Scrypt AI has a proven track record with global real estate and investment management firms

Energy Sector Efficient Accounting

Accounting for Utilities and Energy companies is complex, as invoices, billing and payments must be reconciled across accounts, and matched with energy purchases, all made in the right units. Scrypt AI streamlines AP, AR and reconciliation using its unique AI Data Capture engine.

Scrypt uses a machine learning and AI engine to process documents and extract information automatically.

Data-driven Automation

Intelligent, data-driven automation can digitally transform costly business processes. Scrypt AI is able to accurately sort, extract, and validate documents to reduce paper workloads and manual processes.

High-volume, high-accuracy document processing. No up-front annotations, templating, or configurations are needed. 

Intelligent Document Processing Platform

Leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence, Scrypt AI delivers fast, zero-touch document processing. Scrypt AI provides an intelligent, accurate, and scalable document processing platform for extracting information and context found in documents and images.

Scrypt AI provides an end-to-end document processing solution for: document ingestion, sorting and classification; document coding and data delivery; data validation and error correction.

Simplify Integrations

Reduce manual processes with direct integration with your business system of records, ERPs, CRMs, and eSign solutions. Scrypt AI seamlessly integrates with CheckAlt’s deposit and payment imaging solutions as well as third-party ERPs and eSign products.

digitally transform your business processes

Let us understand your business requirements around AP automation and systems integration.

Scrypt AI will work with your team to implement an end-to-end intelligent automation solution that integrates with your firm's existing systems of records and eSign solutions and supports your custom accounting process.

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