AI-powered Integrated Receivables

Automate check deposits and remittances to enhance AR operations.

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For the 80%+ of businesses still receiving the majority of payments by paper checks, the need to automate the Accounts Receivable (AR) process is critical. There has been a renewed urgency to modernize and digitize the AR process given the impact of the pandemic and the shift to a distributed, remote work-from-home workforce.

Integrated AR Platform

Scrypt AI’s machine learning-driven integrated AR platform is built as a modern, cloud-native, easy-to-integrate and easy-to-use application, that removes the costly-IT barriers typically present with other solutions.

AI Data Capture for Invoice Coding

Scrypt AI automatically processes checks and remittances, and pushes them through an end-to-end AR workflow. This includes integration with eSign solutions and ERPs, and the critical final step of pushing the check directly to deposit, by creating the required Image Cash Letter / X9 (ICL/X9) files that are required for electronic transmission of checks to/from your bank. Most importantly, predictive analytics allows Scrypt AI to accurately predict what payment account to credit.

Predictive Analytics for Check Payments Coding and AR

No check templates or upfront annotations needed. Scrypt AI identifies the front and back of the check, even within a multi-page scan.

Extract context-based information in addition to the actual text and codes found on the check.

Scrypt AI understands your ERP, learns from historical transactions and matches invoice images to transactions and transactions to invoice images to reinforce the built-in machine learning models.

Reinforcement Learning based on end-user activity

Advanced analytics and decision support.

As an Integrated Receivables platform, Scrypt AI also provides a comprehensive set of tools for accounting, financial transaction reconciliation and document processing.

Scrypt AI is the industry’s most advanced integrated receivables solution delivering fast, high-accuracy and zero-touch financial automation.

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