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Universal Invoice Hub

Scrypt AI is the leading platform that utilizes Machine Learning and AI technology to convert unstructured invoice documents into structured, validated data.

With turn-key API integrations and a comprehensive suite of capabilities, Scrypt AI serves as a Universal Invoice Hub for end-to-end account payables.

AI Data Capture for Invoice Coding

Scrypt AI automatically pulls your invoice documents and images from a variety of document storage and management technologies, integrates with eSign solutions, exchanges data with ERPs and enables digital payments. Using AI Data Capture, no upfront document or invoice templates or annotations are needed. Scrypt AI is therefore able to consume any invoice for straight through processing.

Predictive Analytics for Invoice Coding and AP

No invoice templates or upfront annotations needed

Extract context-based information in addition to document text using multiple data points, including history and ERP data

Scrypt AI understands your ERP, learns from historical transactions and matches invoice images to transactions and transactions to invoice images to reinforce the built-in machine learning models.

Reinforcement Learning based on end-user activity

Advanced analytics and decision support.

As a Universal Invoice Hub, Scrypt AI also provides a comprehensive set of tools for accounting, financial transaction reconciliation and document processing.

Scrypt AI is the industry’s most advanced integrated payables solution delivering fast, high-accuracy and zero-touch financial automation.

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Scrypt AI will work with your team to implement an end-to-end intelligent automation solution that integrates with your firm's existing systems of records and eSign solutions and supports your custom accounting process.